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County Information


Brunswick County does not provide mugshot images.

Brunswick County does not provide specific charge data for individual bookings.

Some of the cities, towns, and places in Brunswick County are Alberta, Brodnax, Dolphin, Ebony, Freeman, Gasburg, Lawrenceville, Warfield, White Plains, Wyche

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Brunswick County is a United States county located on the southern border of the Commonwealth of Virginia. This rural county is known as one of the claimants to be the namesake of Brunswick stew. Brunswick County was created in 1720 from parts of Prince George, Surry and Isle of Wight counties. The county was named for the former Duchy of Brunswick-Lunenburg, which was a British possession in the 18th century. As of the 2020 census, the county population was 15,849. The Brunswick county seat is Lawrenceville.