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Parish Information


West Baton Rouge Parish does not provide mugshot images.

West Baton Rouge Parish does not provide specific charge data for individual bookings.

Some of the cities, towns, and places in West Baton Rouge Parish are Addis, Brusly, Bueche, Chamberlin, Devalls, Erwinville, Ithra, Kahns, Lobdell, Lukeville, Port Allen, Walls, Winterville

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West Baton Rouge Parish (French: Paroisse de B√Ęton Rouge Ouest, Spanish: Parroquia del Oeste de Baton Rouge) is one of the sixty-four parishes in the U.S. state of Louisiana. Established in 1807, its parish seat is Port Allen. With a 2020 census population of 27,199 residents, West Baton Rouge Parish is part of the Baton Rouge metropolitan statistical area. The parish has a highly rated school system, and is one of the few in Louisiana that has privatized school bus services. West Baton Rouge saw a very small percentage of growth after Hurricane Katrina; According to an estimate of July 2018, the parish's population was 26,427.