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Ascension Parish does not provide mugshot images.

Some of the cities, towns, and places in Ascension Parish are Aben, Acy, Barmen, Barton, Belle Helene, Bowden, Brignac, Brittany, Brusly McCall, Bullion, Burnside, Cofield, Cornerview, Darrow, Donaldsonville, Duckroost, Duplessis, Dutchtown, Galvez, Geismar, Gonzales, Hillaryville, Hobart, Hohen Solms, Hope Villa, Lake, Lemannville, Little Prairie, Marchand, McElroy, Miles, Modeste, Mount Houmas, Noel, Oak Grove, Palo Alto, Philadelphia Point, Prairieville, Saint Amant, Saint Elmo, Smoke Bend, Sorrento, Southwood, Weber City

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Ascension Parish (French: Paroisse de l'Ascension, Spanish: Parroquia de AscensiĆ³n) is a parish located in the U.S. state of Louisiana. As of the 2010 census, the population was 107,215. Its parish seat is Donaldsonville. The parish was created in 1807.Ascension Parish is part of the Baton Rouge, LA Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is one of the fastest-growing parishes in the state. Early European settlers of the area that was developed as Ascension and Gonzales were, for the most part, of French and Spanish ancestry. They settled among the Houma Indians who lived in the area. Among the projects and plans carried out by Luis de Unzaga 'le Conciliateur' while he was governor of Louisiana between 1769 and 1777 was the promotion of new settlements by Europeans, among them were French Acadians and Malaga in the fertile Mississippi region and more specifically in the Unzaga Post or 'Puesto de Unzaga' that he created in 1771 in Pointe Coupee, the parish of Saint Gabriel in 1773 and Fort Manchac in 1776; the Ascension people occupied land at the confluence of the aforementioned European settlements.During the American Civil War, desertions had been of major concern to the Confederate States Army. Henry Watkins Allen, before he was governor, reported more than eight thousand deserters and draft-dodgers about Bayou Teche. There were some 1,200 deserters in Livingston, St. Tammany, and Ascension parishes.Planters in Ascension Parish later complained of raids by guerrillas. In 1864, planter W.R. Hodges requested soldiers to protect the planted fields from such attacks. Union soldiers were accused of "wandering about at will, and helping themselves . . . to whatever could be found," explains the historian John D. Winters in his The Civil War in Louisiana (1963).During the historic 2016 Louisiana Floods, around one-third of all homes in Ascension Parish were flooded. 15,000 homes and businesses took on water, mostly in the Galvez-St. Amant area, prompting a visit to St. Amant by then-presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump.Ascension Parish is one of the 22 parishes that make up Acadiana, the heartland of the Cajun people and their culture. This is exhibited by the prevalence of the French or Cajun French language heard throughout the parish, as well as the many festivals celebrated by its residents, including the Boucherie Festival, Lagniappe Music and Seafood Festival, Crawfish Festival, and the world-famous Jambalaya Festival. The largest city in Ascension Parish, Gonzales, is celebrated as the "Jambalaya Capital of the World".