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Beltrami County does not provide mugshot images.

Some of the cities, towns, and places in Beltrami County are Alaska Township, Battle Township, Bemidji, Bemidji Township, Benville Township, Birch Township, Blackduck, Brook Lake, Buzzle Township, Cormant Township, Durand Township, Eckles Township, Frohn Township, Funkley, Grant Valley Township, Hagali Township, Hamre Township, Hines, Hines Township, Hornet Township, Jones Township, Kelliher, Kelliher Township, Lammers Township, Langor Township, Lee Township, Liberty Township, Little Rock, Lower Red Lake, Maple Ridge Township, Minnie Township, Moose Lake Township, Nebish Township, North Beltrami, Northern Township, O'Brien Township, Pennington, Pinewood, Ponemah, Port Hope Township, Puposky, Quiring Township, Red Lake, Redby, Roosevelt Township, Saum, Shooks, Shooks Township, Shotley Brook, Shotley Township, Solway, Spruce Grove Township, Steenerson Township, Sugar Bush Township, Summit Township, Taylor Township, Ten Lake Township, Tenstrike, Turtle Lake Township, Turtle River, Turtle River Township, Upper Red Lake, Waskish, Waskish Township, Wilton, Woodrow Township

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Beltrami County ( bel-TRAM-ee) is a county in the northern part of the U.S. state of Minnesota. As of the 2010 United States Census, the population was 44,442. Its county seat is Bemidji. The county's name comes from Italian adventurer Giacomo Beltrami from Bergamo, who explored the area in 1825. The county was created in 1866 and organized in 1896.Beltrami County comprises the Bemidji, MN Micropolitan Statistical Area. Portions of the Leech Lake and Red Lake Indian reservations are in the county. The northernmost portion of the Mississippi River flows through the southern part of the county, through Bemidji. Beltrami, Renville, and Stearns are Minnesota's only counties that abut nine other counties.